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Discover the Other Side of Medical Adversity from Being Pressed to Feeling Blessed

How To Survive Medical Mayhem

When it comes to healthcare, do you feel like you are lost in a foreign country, unable to understand the language and wanting to book the next flight to anywhere but where you are at?  This section is designed to help you navigate the medical mayhem of health care by educating you as a patient and/or caregiver.  Various subjects will be addressed and information constantly added to empower you so that you have tools to help make informed decisions.  Because healthcare is ever changing, this section will never be complete; but the goal is to constantly update it to provide you with a sense of empowerment, knowledge and peace.  Keep checking back often to see what’s new in this section and let me know what you think and suggestions as to what you would like to see.

Lost & Cofused Signs

  1.  Have You Had “The Talk”?  https://lorettaschoen.com/how-to-survive-medical-mayhem/have-you-had-the-talk/
  2. What Need to Know About Advance Directives  https://lorettaschoen.com/what-you-should-know-about-advance-directives/
  3. Medicare A, B & D https://lorettaschoen.com/medicare-a-b-d/
  4. Health Insurance Plans- What are the Differences? https://lorettaschoen.com/health-insurance-plans-what-are-the-differences/