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Top Dog Priorities

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Two key chains reside in an outside pocket of my purse with their charms hanging just outside for easy access.  One holds my car keys and has a silver paw on it – showing my passion for dogs.   The other holds my house keys and they hang from a filigreed cross – showing my Christian faith.  As I swigged my last gulp of coffee before heading out to run errands, I noticed how they hang side by side and I began thinking about my relationship with dogs and God.

Now I know you animal lovers will say that dog spelled backwards is God.  But should my passion for dogs be on the same plane as God?

Everyone who knows me, knows how much I love dogs and have spent a lifetime adopting dogs that no one wanted – those with an injured body or and injured spirit.  But is my love and passion for Christ as evident?  Do I spend more time loving and nurturing my relationship with my pets than with God?  Where do I spend my money?  Where are my priorities?

Can everyone that knows me see how much I love God?

Oh, I go to church on Sundays, I’ve been involved in multiple ministries, we tithe and Thad and I pray as much as we can.  But if life starts handing out lemons where does my heart, mind and soul go?  Do I seek solace in my passion for pets or for God?

I’ve been cogitating on these two key chains for a few weeks now.  They are a nagging reminder of where I want to be in my faith.  It’s made me realize that while I love dogs; I want to be passionately in love with God.  And I want it to be reflected not just on my key chain but in my heart, my face, my words and my actions.

It is in my heart and soul where I want God to be – the dogs are just another reminder of God’s unconditional love.





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