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Human Weakness by Design  

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I said I would need prayers and I do.  I knew it would be hard and it is.  Oh, it’s not the end of the world hard, but rather human weakness that has got a hold on me!

It hasn’t been a week since my renewed covenant with God and the devil is actively trying to put a wedge between me and the Lord.  Between being inundated with commitments, having some leg muscle aches and weakness which is making it difficult to exercise, all the left over holiday food  to tempt me, and now the effects of this cold & flu bug; I feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard 1 being attacked, bruised and pummeled.

Oddly enough it’s the food issue that is plaguing me the most.  We hosted a neighborhood New Years’ Eve Party and had way too much food.  So I made sure the neighbors took home most of the left overs.  I figured what was left I would be able to avoid eating.  Have you ever tried not to eat chocolate clusters, homemade biscotti, and my friend, Rose’s dark chocolate chip cookies?  Almost impossible!  I could hear those cookies talking?  They were begging for my attention.  They screamed to be eaten.  I actually heard them calling to me: “Eat me!”  Now throw in the plethora of commitments, the leg pain, the cold and flu and it’s a recipe right out of the devil’s kitchen.

I am weak, Lord.

Why does this have to be so hard?  I reach for my bible and using devotions and quiet time find solace in the words I read.  I learn that we were designed to question, to be weak and uncertain so that we might lean on God during times of failure, and weakness.  During those challenging times, God sends His Holy Spirit to fortify us, renew us and help us carry our burdens.   When the onslaught of adversity strikes, we can trust that the Lord will help us work through the strife.  With the word of the Lord in our heart and soul we understand that each pothole is an opportunity for growth meant to nourish and increase our faith.

So I will give thanks for the gravel that is the flu/cold and the pothole of temptation for in the end my faith will be stronger and will glorify God.

My faith walk may be a graveled, potholed path but with the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) walking along side me the devil can take his chocolate cluster recipe and get out of town!  He doesn’t stand a chance.


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